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20 West 34th Street New York, NY

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Visit the most famous building in New York buying the tickets for the Empire State.

The New York symbol, The Empire State is a emblem of the city, of the culture, the history of New York that you can visit now avoiding queues and long waits, go up to this skyscraper and enjoy the unforgettable panoramic views.

Empire State Building, worldwide emblem of a city

Located in the Manhattan heart, the Empire State is one of the seven wonders of the modern world. It was designed by William F. Lamb with Decó Art style, reflected mainly in his smart lobby, reflection of the brilliant New York of the 30’s. In Its record construction took part more than 3000 laborer that finished it in only 410 days. After the inauguration in 1931 it was claimed the tallest building in New York, exceeding The Chrysler building.

Since then, this skyscraper is a cultural identity signal of everything related with New York and a mandatory zone to visit.
The Empire State entrance is the access to a construction with a height of 443 meters and 102 flats of which 86th and 102 are used as a viewpoint.
The viewpoint of the 86th flat is around 320 meters of height, literally, a film viewpoint where you are going to be able to see places as Central Park, The Statue of Liberty, Time Square and the East River and Hudson bridge.

Otherwise, if you want to go to the top and have New York at your feet, go up to the 102 flat, a viewpoint around 381 meters of height. The views are impressive, you can see how the city is extended throughout 130 kilometers.

An incredible experience in a skyscraper that is not already the tallest, but it still being a wonder, witness of the history and the events of a city considered by a lot of people as “ the capital of the world”. Book your ticket without queues for the Empire State, and be one of the 3.000.000 of persons that visit this building each year.


From Monday to Sunday, everyday of the year without exception, from 8:00 to 2:00 ( the last entrance at 1:15)

Price of the tickets to Empire State

The tickets purchase for the Empire State can be made in a really comfortable way through our web page. With this easy process you can avoid long queues. The price varies according to the viewpoint which you want access, there are two kinds of tickets:

  • The main platform: 86th flat
  • The main platform and the upper platform: 86th and 102 flats

*The 102 flat is closed from 08/01/17 to 31/03/18 because of reconditioning, sorry for the inconvenience.

The tickets for the 86th flat has a lower cost, but it’s not allowed to go up to the upper flat. Our advice is that before buying the ticket, you should value your preferences. In other words, in the 86th flat you have a 360 panoramic view of New York, whereas the access to the 102 flat gives you an extra value because you have New York at your feet and you can go up where a few persons can brag to have been.

People with reduced mobility must be aware that the access to the 86 flat is totally adapted with ramps, the position of the binoculars and smaller walls.( This doesn’t happen at the 102 flat yet)

Whatever you choose, remember that there is available ticket discount for children and people over 62 years old.

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20 West 34th Street New York, NY

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