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Piazzale Scipione Borghese, 5, 00197 Roma RM, Italia

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The Gallery Borghese is located in the cetre of the city, in the gardens of the Borghese Villa. Is one of the most knowed museums in the world and there are exhibitions from between 1576 and 1633, of the collection of the cardinal Scipione Borghese.

It's a very demanded museum, for this reason We recommend buying the tickets before arrive to the museum to enjoy of the museum without queues and long waits.

Art collections of the Borghese Family

The Borghese Family is a noble italian family from Siena that moved his residence to Roma. They got power and wealth when their son was selected Papa Pablo V, and He named his nephew as cardinal.

Then started their big art collections, that with the time they were rellocated to another place, they were moved to the actual Borghese Gallery ( one of the buildings of the Borghese Gallery)

The borghes colllection contain old mosaics, paintings and sculptures from the XV and XVIII centuries. Some of these works of artists like Antonello de Messina, Giovanni Bellini, Tiziano, Caravaggio, Canova and Bernini.

The was looking for artworks that reflected the expressions of the ancient, renaissance and contemporary art. Part of this artworks which are in the Borghese Gallery are originals, although there are other that were losed or bought.

Through the years, The Borghese collection was increased thanks to the Olimpia Aldobrandini heritage, with artworks as Lucrezia d'Este or Cardinal Salvati.

The collections can be visited from 1901, when the italian goverment ruled these artworks.


The Borghese Gallery opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:30 to 19:30h.

On Monday the Gallery is closed.

Price of the tickets for the Borghese Gallery

Each day more people visit the Gallery, for this reason there is limited capacity and groups are formed each 2 hours, for this reason We recommend buying early tickets in our webside to make your visit easy and comfortable.

Remember that, if you bring with you a bag, camera, umbrella, drinks or large objects you must place it in the guardrobe during the visit.

The tickets will be revised in the ticket office before go inside.

The tickets will be free for children under 6 years old, student groups which attend with their teacher and disabled people.


*Once you have acquired the admission ticket, any changes are not allowed and the amount paid will not be reimbursed under any circumstances



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Piazzale Scipione Borghese, 5, 00197 Roma RM, Italia

Metro: Línea A - Piazza di Spagna.
Bus: 5, 19, 52, 53, 63, 86, 88, 92, 95, 116,

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 The most knowed museums in the world

From 24,50€
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